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How a small business successfully boosted efficiency and consistency.

How a small business successfully boosted efficiency and consistency.

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Small-Town Entrepreneurial Spirit Meets FedEx Shipping Efficiency

For Kendra Pierce and family, what began six years ago as a modest second source of income has evolved into a full-time antiques and collectibles business. Kendra's father, a longtime eBay PowerSeller, knew a thing or two about selling online prior to partnering with his wife to open the brick-and-mortar Ma and Pa’s Corner Store in small-town Wisconsin.

It was this store that brought Kendra into the business. Here she helps manage the day-to-day workload, overseeing the sales, customer service and shipping department — roles that have only grown as the family’s online business has blossomed.

As the business steadily grew, Kendra suggested that her mother incorporate the Ma and Pa’s Corner Store brand name online and start selling goods through Etsy. A perfect complement to the preexisting eBay account, Etsy allows Kendra and family to reach another massive and diverse customer base.

With both eBay and Etsy accounts ( and, Kendra and family sell an incredible variety of items — from John Deere tractor components to vintage home decor, motorcycle accessories to antique furniture, the family’s eclectic tastes and choice to sell on two web giants ensure exposure to millions of potential customers.

Such exposure and diverse inventory helped Kendra’s family business thrive — growth that was both a blessing and, for a time, a curse. As the business grew, Kendra had potentially dozens of packages to ship each day. That meant lots of time creating shipping labels, loading packages into the car, driving to the post office and waiting in line before finally seeing her packages on their way. Prior to FedEx, she was losing valuable time mired in an antiquated shipping process.

It was not until Kendra first tried FedEx that things began to change. With FedEx she was able to arrange daily pickups — no longer was she forced to physically drop the shipments off — allowing her to reinvest those precious, newly freed moments back into her business. It was on a routine customer service call that a FedEx team member suggested Kendra try® Integration Manager.

Designed to work seamlessly with leading e-commerce providers, Integration Manager consolidates a business’s shipping and shipment information into a single simple tool. It’s engineered to work best with small and medium-sized companies, exactly like Kendra’s.

“It has changed things tremendously for us,” Kendra says. Both eBay and Etsy ventures have benefitted from a boost in efficiency and consistency. No longer are there worries about inaccurate shipping information. No longer is time wasted filling out shipping label after shipping label. The entire shipping side of the business is easier.

A FedEx customer for just over one year, Kendra ships primarily via FedEx Home Delivery®. Providing her with the optimal combination of speed, reliability and cost, this shipping option has proven effective and straightforward.

Kendra also takes advantage of automatic bill pay and FedEx® Return Solutions, two options that further streamline her already efficient shipping flow. The ability for her small business to provide superior customer service is a priority — something that’s exponentially easier with the streamlined shipping and returns services offered by FedEx.

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