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How a small business saved time and reduced errors.

How a small business saved time and reduced errors.

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Uniting Passion & Commerce

For Jeni Sandberg, the love of antiques is hardwired. It’s in her DNA. The daughter of two antique dealers, she was raised to appreciate the craftsmanship, quality and beauty of 19th and 20th century American decorative arts.

This passion for design propelled her through a comprehensive art education and stints working with the decorative arts collections at leading museums across the country, including The Brooklyn Museum, The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Winterthur. This experience was the foundation of a successful career in the auction world and led to appearances on the lauded PBS appraisal series Antiques Roadshow.

Ms. Sandberg rose through the ranks at Christie’s auction house to become vice president and senior specialist in 20th Century Decorative Art and Design. But New York and its manic pace was not where she was destined to stay. She had the connections. She had the eye. Why not start her own business?

Currently an independent dealer and consultant, Ms. Sandberg specializes in everything from modestly priced glassware to decorative art masterpieces. Need some mid-century Dansk tableware, vintage textiles or 1930s ceramics? Try her Etsy store ( Need another Tiffany Studios table lamp? How about an ultra-rare Lalique car mascot? Go to or give Ms. Sandberg a call; she’ll track them down.

No matter what’s being sold, it has to be shipped quickly, safely and in the most convenient way possible. That’s where FedEx comes in. Not always a FedEx shipper, Ms. Sandberg started shipping with a traditional competitor. It was only when she needed to ship a valuable set of flatware from North Carolina to Boston overnight that she was exposed to the convenience and value of FedEx Express.

Following that fateful first shipment, Ms. Sandberg was exposed to a variety of other FedEx offerings, including Integration Manager.

Engineered to work with leading e-commerce providers, Integration Manager consolidates all your shipping and shipment information into one easy-to-use tool. It’s designed to work specifically for small and medium-sized customers, like Ms. Sandberg.

Even as a low-volume shipper, the shipping solution has made her business more efficient by both integrating and streamlining once disparate and tedious steps, saving time and eliminating data entry errors. “Even if it’s only saving me a couple of minutes, it makes the whole process faster,” remarks Sandberg. “I don’t want to spend more time than I have to dealing with shipping.”

When asked about getting started with Integration Manager, Ms. Sandberg notes that the whole process took “just a few clicks.” She was up and running within minutes — her Etsy store and her consulting business were linked and ready to go. If Ms. Sandberg ever decides to grow her web presence, she could use Integration Manager to integrate with partners like Amazon, eBay, Yahoo Small Business and Sears.

Significantly faster and more accurate than filling out paper airbills, Integration Manager has helped Ms. Sandberg deliver her thoughtfully curated antiques quickly and easily.

But her experience with FedEx doesn’t end there. She notes that she’s “completely compulsive” when checking FedEx® Tracking for the status of her shipments. And the automatic alerts delivered directly to her phone make staying in the loop easier than ever — something that can alleviate many feelings of uneasiness when you’re shipping a one-of-a-kind Tiffany Studios paperweight vase.

Thanks to Integration Manager, as well as other FedEx® shipping solutions, Jeni Sandberg has more time and energy to invest in doing what she loves — discovering, appraising and selling 20th century decorative art and design.

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