Customer walking into a Walgreens location with package

Find FedEx Where You Shop

Find FedEx Where You Shop

Conveniently pick up and drop off packages inside Walgreens, as well as select grocery and specialty stores near you.

Conveniently pick up and drop off packages inside Walgreens, as well as select grocery and specialty stores near you.

Drop Off and Pick Up on Your Way

When and Where You Want

Now packages run on your schedule. Save a trip when you pick up or drop off at Walgreens or a participating retailer

Customer picking up package from Walgreens Employee

Safe and Secure

Not going to be home? Not a problem. Request to have online order shipments or other packages securely held for pickup

Customer leaving with FedEx package

In Your Neighborhood

With over 9,000 new locations nationwide and more on the way, you’re free to pick up and drop off where you already shop. 

Participating Retailers

Take More Control of Your Packages

Have a Tracking Number?

Enter your tracking number, then redirect your package by choosing an option from Change Address, Hold For Pickup and more. 

Received a Door Tag?

If you have a door tag notifying you a package is being held for pickup, enter the door tag number to find the pickup location. 

Enroll in FedEx Delivery Manager®

Now it’s easy to receive delivery notifications, request to have your package held for pickup at a convenient location and more. 

Speak with a Service Agent

Call us at 

Drop Off Where You Shop

Follow these three easy steps to prepare your package for dropoff at a participating location near you.

Customer sealing her package

Pack and Seal Your Package

Before dropping off, make sure the package is in good condition, is securely sealed and weighs 55 pounds or less.

Customer affixing a shipping label

Affix a Shipping Label

Quickly and easily create, print and pay for a label with your FedEx account or credit card. Have a return label? Affix it and go.

Customer dropping off package

Drop Off at a Nearby Location

Once your package is sealed and labeled, drop it off at a participating Walgreens, grocery or specialty store near you.


Acceptable packages are securely sealed and properly labeled with a FedEx Express or FedEx Ground shipping label.

Unacceptable packages:

-          Weigh more than 55 pounds

-          Are larger than 48" x 25" x 25"

-          Contain dry ice

-          Contain dangerous goods or hazardous materials

-          Are packed using damaged or improper packaging

-          Contain live animals

Frequently Asked Questions

No. There are no additional fees for picking up or dropping off a package at these locations.

FedEx is helping you pick up and drop off your FedEx® packages at new locations that are most convenient for you. These locations are close to where you work, live or play, and some are even open for extended hours. Now you have more locations to drop off a prepackaged and prelabeled FedEx package or have packages held securely for you to pick up at your convenience. 

Once you are inside one of these new locations, look for FedEx signage or go to the main counter/register for assistance.

Dropoff and pickup are now available nationwide at new Walgreens locations, and at select grocery stores, specialty stores and FedEx Authorized ShipCenter® locations near you. FedEx pickup and dropoff are generally available during normal hours of operations for each retailer, but vary by location. In some cases, that is 24 hours/7 days a week.