Aircraft On Ground/Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul/Supply Chain Solutions

The only things more important than aircraft in the air are aircraft not in the air — because every minute they're out of service, they can’t generate revenue. FedEx® Aerospace Solutions understands the need for speed, precision and reliability in these situations — and we have the expertise and services at our fingertips to make sure every part you ship has a perfect landing.

For aircraft on ground (AOG) situations:

An aircraft out of commission costs money every minute it's not flying. You need to get parts there — now — and you can't afford to lose anything in transit. We provide fast, reliable delivery across the country and around the world. And it's delivery you can track — every step of the way.

You can count on FedEx Aerospace Solutions for:

  • Global reach: An aircraft can need a part that's located almost anywhere in the world. So you need a shipping ally who can go almost anywhere in the world.
  • Speed: With a variety of next-business-day services — and even same-day or next-flight-out in some cases — we have all the speed you need. Special situation? You can charter a freighter.
  • Reliability: Your reputation rides on the timely delivery of that part. So does ours. You can count on FedEx for aerospace needs just as the world relies on us for their shipping.
  • Customs clearance: We'll help with the paperwork and get your shipment across borders almost anywhere in the world.
  • Visibility: When hours count, you want assurance that your shipment is on track. Our advanced monitoring options provide reassurance, and help you resolve challenges faster if they arise.

For maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) challenges:

We have the services and expertise to coordinate the safe, on-time delivery of every part. We can help you develop a solution using our shipping and delivery options to coordinate complicated maintenance schedules and minimize costly downtime.

You can count on FedEx Aerospace Solutions for:

  • Service to all major aerospace centers: We reach all the key global hubs of the aerospace industry. And our customs clearance services can simplify your life.
  • Multiple modes of transport: From O-rings to engines, different parts call for different shipping solutions. In the air, on the ground, by ship or rail, FedEx Aerospace Solutions can coordinate it all.

Supply chain solutions for aircraft manufacturing:

You need to ensure a stream of parts to the right facilities. We have the freight forwarding and customs expertise to link supply chains of any length and the capacity to deliver freight of all types and sizes via any mode of transport.

You can count on FedEx Aerospace Solutions for:

  • Supply chain solutions: Parts from multiple suppliers, traveling by multiple modes, need to meet in a particular place at the same time. We help coordinate that.
  • Global reach: To and from the world's aerospace centers — and reaching all suppliers.
  • Multimodal services: With ocean and intermodal shipping options, we handle any shipment with whatever speed you need.
  • Customs services: We can act as broker or provide documentation resources.
  • Visibility: Aircraft manufacturing depends on the coordination of many shipments. Knowing which are on track and which require special attention can help you keep things running like clockwork.