Get Support to Make Shipping Easy

The aerospace industry is complex enough already. Make your shipping easy with the full range of electronic shipping and reporting tools offered by FedEx. These resources eliminate guesswork and paperwork, enabling your business to run smoothly and information to flow freely. Count on our solutions to simplify routine tasks, so you can focus on the big picture.

Electronic Shipping

FedEx® electronic shipping solutions enable you to create shipping labels and customs documentation and manage shipments electronically, using whatever technology you have — computer, network or server.

Or make FedEx shipping solutions part of your existing system

If you prefer a more customized approach, you can even integrate FedEx functionality into your business software or custom application.

  • FedEx Web Services. This tool takes the form of programming code, enabling you to integrate FedEx functionality into your web or software application for customized, online, real-time shipping-management capabilities.
  • FedEx® Compatible Solutions Program. Provides FedEx shipping functionality that's integrated into third-party software systems and custom apps — enabling you to manage FedEx shipping within the solutions your business uses every day.


In your business, visibility is essential. You need easy access to accurate shipping and billing data. FedEx has the tools to make sure you always have a clear picture. Find the information you need to monitor your shipping activity, make informed logistics decisions, manage costs and keep your supply chain running at peak efficiency.

FedEx® Reporting Online lets you request, schedule and download a variety of reports, drawing from up to two years of your data, in both a summary and detailed format.

Access more than 25 flexible reports to more effectively manage your shipping activity, including:

  • Service summary report
  • Shipment detail report
  • Dimensional weight package detail report
  • Pay type summary report
  • Shipper summary report


With the online billing services offered through FedEx, you can view and download your FedEx invoice data, pay electronically, create custom reports, even dispute charges — all without paper.

We offer a variety of invoicing channels and payment options, so you can pick the one that best accommodates the way you do business, including: