• FedEx and TNT acquisition is complete

Combining forces to give your business even more power.

The FedEx integration of TNT is making solid progress. With the combination of our networks, you now have access to a robust portfolio of FedEx services and solutions to help you grow your business.

What it means to you:

FedEx team members are committed to delivering the same exceptional service you've come to expect from TNT. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Delivery Options FedEx Express couriers picking up and delivering TNT shipments
  • Shipping ToolsAccess to intuitive shipping tools like FedEx Ship Manager®
  • Customer ServiceRound-the-clock support from our customer service team
  • Sales RepresentativeA meeting with your new sales representative, if applicable
  • Your AccountComparable rates, terms and conditions

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Greater global access, broader services and extended solutions will help you connect to more customers and business opportunities.

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  • FedEx and TNT merger by the numbers

Have questions about the TNT integration?

If your business is located in the U.S. and pays shipping costs for items delivered to or originating from the U.S., then you are considered a U.S. customer. Please read though the “U.S. Customer FAQ” to ensure you have all the information you need about shipping with FedEx.

If you ship to or receive shipments from business partners outside of the U.S. where your business partner pays for these TNT shipments, your business partner’s TNT accounts have not been integrated with FedEx. For questions related to this type of shipping, please refer to “TNT Senders and Receivers FAQ.”

U.S. Customer FAQs

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I want to know if my current services are impacted.

Will there be any immediate impact on my FedEx or TNT services?

As you transition your shipping from TNT to FedEx you will continue to receive exceptional service. If you are an existing FedEx account holder, you can continue to use your existing FedEx account for all your shipping needs. If you previously didn’t have an account with FedEx, we are opening an account for you.

Will FedEx reduce or change the services I get from TNT?

An integration of this size always comes with some changes, but great customer service will remain a priority. As you start shipping with FedEx, you will benefit from our broad portfolio of services. To find out more about FedEx services, please contact FedEx customer service.

Will cut-off times be affected?

Your cut-off times will be based on the FedEx Express service available in your area. Soon, pickups in the U.S. will be done by FedEx Express couriers.

Can I use a TNT booking application or call TNT customer service to send a shipment with FedEx? And vice versa?

TNT and FedEx shipping applications are not integrated. If your account is being transitioned to FedEx, please use FedEx shipping tools, including fedex.com to ship.


May I schedule a single pickup to collect both FedEx and TNT packages?

If your account has been transitioned, you can use FedEx to schedule all your shipments.


I'm a TNT customer — can I get supplies from FedEx and vice versa?

Please ask FedEx customer service or your courier for FedEx supplies.


May I use FedEx packaging to ship with TNT or TNT packaging to ship with FedEx?

Soon, all shipments will be handled by FedEx, so please use the packaging provided by FedEx or your own packaging.


How may I access the services of both companies?

There is no change in how you access FedEx services. However, you can only access TNT services by calling TNT customer service.


I am a TNT customer and have a TNT package I would like to ship, but the TNT facility that I usually take these TNT shipments to is closed. Where can these be dropped off?

FedEx can temporarily accept your TNT shipment. Please contact TNT customer service by calling 1.800.558.5555 to make arrangements for pickup. Going forward, please use your FedEx account number to create shipments using FedEx services.

How can I transfer my address book from myTNT.com to my account on fedex.com?

Please contact FedEx customer service for assistance.


I want to use new services.

Can I use my TNT account number to ship with FedEx?

You must use your FedEx account number when shipping with FedEx. To verify your FedEx account number, please call FedEx customer service at 1.800.GoFedEx 1.800.463.3339 or contact your sales representative.

I am a FedEx customer — how do I open an account with TNT?

Customers in the U.S. can no longer open an account with TNT.

I have questions about billing.

Will my payment terms and credit terms change?

FedEx shipments will be subject to FedEx payment and credit terms outlined in the FedEx Service Guide. For more information, please call FedEx customer service or visit fedex.com/serviceguide.

Will there be any changes to my current rates or terms and conditions?

Please contact customer service or your sales representative to check for any rate changes. The terms and conditions of the FedEx Service Guide will apply to all FedEx shipments.

Will FedEx and TNT provide separate invoices for their services?

Until your TNT account is deactivated, you will continue to receive separate invoices from FedEx and TNT. By May 1, 2017, TNT customers in the U.S. should only use FedEx services and will receive invoices from FedEx.

How do I get set up with FedEx invoicing options like FedEx Billing Online, FedEx Flat File Reporting Tool or the FedEx Electronic Data Interchange?

Sign up for FedEx Billing Online to receive, review, pay and dispute invoices, all from one secure online location. The FedEx Flat File Reporting Tool will now be available on your computer. FedEx Billing Online files must be imported into the tool before reports can be generated. Please view the demo or review the Help Guide to learn more.

To use FedEx Electronic Data Interchange Invoicing and Remittance, call 1.888.450.1774.

I want to track a shipment.

Can I track my FedEx and TNT shipments on one or both websites?

There are no immediate changes to the applications you use to track packages. FedEx shipments can be tracked at fedex.com, and TNT consignment tracking is available at tnt.com.

I want to know who to contact

I’m working with both FedEx and TNT — do I need to retain the multi-supplier relationship I have at the moment?

If you are an existing FedEx customer, your courier and sales representative will remain the same. If you are a new FedEx customer, your courier and sales representative will be from FedEx. TNT customers will need to retain both relationships until they have completed the transition to FedEx.

I want to know more about your integration plans

What is the timeline for integration and what is going to change?

Our combined FedEx and TNT team is focused on making the transition as smooth as possible. At the forefront of our planning is maintaining the quality of service we provide our customers today. You will benefit from a full portfolio of solutions in the future, and we will keep you updated as progress is made on our integration.