Stage 3 Kit Configurations

Summary of Modification, Pricing and Noise Performance

Configuration Diagram

The FedEx Stage 3 Kit has been designed to provide full compliance with both F.A.A. Stage 3 and I.C.A.O Chapter 3 noise standards at lowest cost of any available Stage 3 alternative. A light-takeoff-weight version of the kit is currently certified for B727-100s and B727-200s powered by JT8D-7 or JT8D-9 engines and can also be operated on -15 powered aircraft which are derated to -9 thrust, providing takeoff weights from 173,000 lbs. to 178,400 lbs. FedEx also offers a "Heavyweight" Stage 3 Kit for high gross weight B727-200s powered by JT8D-9 through -17AR engines. This kit provides Stage 3 compliance at takeoff weights up to 197,000 lbs. for JT8D-9 powered B727-200s and up to 203,000 lbs. for JT8D-17R powered B727-200s.

The FedEx Stage 3 Kits include components, manual revision data and installation instructions for modification of the engines, thrust reversers and pylons. The kits can be installed either at a FedEx approved installation facility or by airlines having the proper engine and airframe maintenance certifications. Other maintenance facilities will be considered upon request. Please note that installation costs are additional to the prices quoted below.

FedEx Stage 3 Kit Configurations 
Model Engine Thrust Maximum Takeoff Weight Up To (lbs.) Maximum Landing Weight Up To (lbs.)
Lightweight Stage 3 Kits
B727-100 JT8D-7 174,500 142,500
JT8D-9 174,500 142,500
B727-200 JT8D-7 178,400 161,000
JT8D-9 177,600 154,500
Heavyweight Stage 3 Kits
B727-200 JT8D-9 197,000 166,000
JT8D-15 199,000 166,000
JT8D-17 203,000 166,000
JT8D-17R 190,500 166,000

Note: Other takeoff/landing weight configurations are available upon request.