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Data Services

The key goal of FedEx International MailService® is to get your mail delivered in a timely manner. One of the most important elements in achieving complete delivery without delay of each and every mail piece in your mailing is to have the proper addressing, address format and printout of the address for each country in your mailing. The most effective and economic manner to ensure proper address format and printing is to work with the data file before it is printed on your mail items.

FedEx International MailService® is equipped to offer a complete suite of Data Services which can maximize deliverability and minimize the waste caused by mailing to obsolete, invalid or incomplete addresses.

These services include:

  1. International File Conversion
  2. Address Verification
  3. List Hygiene
  4. FTP /E-mail transmission/CD Rom/Zip Disk for each file
  5. Merge/Purge

International File Conversion

Different countries of the world have different format standards for addressing. Our systems of International Address file conversion takes your current data format and presents it in an output file format that is in line with accepted addressing format for each country in your mailing.


Address Verification

Each and every address in your international database can be checked against international databases and the deliverability in format and content of each and every address in your data file can be verified and corrected using our system.


List Hygiene

We can take your lists and clean the data in the file matching it to correct data format and appending any missing data fields/information.


FTP /E-mail transmission/CD Rom/Zip Disk for each file

To make communication fast and simple, we can accept your electronic data files in a variety of formats and through a variety of secure file transfer modes including FTP, email transmission or in physical soft copy on CD or ZIP disk.



Very often when lists are purchased or rented from multiple sources, there can be a large number of duplicates, and the list formats may not be fully integrated with one another. We have the ability to merge various lists together to allow single file printing, and to purge duplicate and incomplete address information from the lists.

To learn more about our Data Services, contact us.


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