FedEx International MailService

Postal Delivery Confirmation Options

FedEx International MailService® offers a comprehensive suite of options to enhance the postal delivery and confirmation of your mail throughout the world.

These services include:

Registered MailService

Registering your mail identifies each item with a unique registration number. This enables you to make an inquiry about each specific mail item to the delivering postal administration, both during and after the delivery process.

Note: If you plan to insure or request Postal Proof of Delivery, you must also register your mail.


Postal Proof of Delivery

Postal Proof of Delivery attaches a card to each mail item. This card must be signed by the recipient during final delivery and is then returned to the sender via the international postal system.

Note: Registered MailService® is required with Postal Proof of Delivery.


Insured Mail

Postal insurance is available if you need the foreign postal authority to be liable for loss or damage of the mail items while in their possession. If an insured mail item is lost or irreparably damaged prior to delivery, the insuring party may be reimbursed for the insured declared value of that item.


International Business Reply Service (IBRS)

IBRS helps you to increase essential replies from your mail recipients. IBRS allows you to include postage-paid postcards or envelopes inside your outgoing international mail items. Recipients can simply place their reply in any mail box, anywhere in the world-no need for them to make a trip to the post office or attach a stamp to send the reply back to you.


Certificate of Mailing

This service presents the mailer with a Certified Statement showing the distribution details and postal confirmation that the distribution has been released to the dispatching postal administration.


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