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Custom Distribution Services

If you have specific need to use alternative distribution methods, we offer a customizable selection of alternative distribution programs. The FedEx International MailService® Center is equipped and able to provide the following distribution programs:

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United States Postal Service ISAL and IPA programs

These programs use the USPS® International Bulk programs to deliver your mail. Once your mail is presented to USPS for transport and delivery to final destination countries, USPS delivery standards apply.

USPS® is a registered trademark of the United States Postal Service.


Direct Injection Programs

In some cases you may want your mail to have a "local" look - appearing as if it came from within the destination country. We can transport your mail to the destination countries as freight where it will be converted to domestic mail and entered into the local postal system.


Hand Delivery

In some instances, when sending large items to major business centers, it can be cost-effective to have your items delivered via a local private messenger service that does business in the destination country. In this scenario, your items are commonly delivered along with other items such as newspapers, journals and reports that are dropped off at the front door or reception desk of business center addresses in major cities. Items delivered outside of the normal messenger area are usually injected into the local postal system for delivery as domestic mail in that particular country.

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