FedEx International MailService

Standard Service

If cost savings are your highest priority, choose FedEx International MailService® Standard.

Standard service is designed for less urgent mail. FedEx International MailService® Standard gets into the International Postal system within 2 days* after it is picked up from your location.

Your mail is:
1. Transported to our mail center within 48 hours*
2. Sorted by destination country
3. Stamped with a postage indicia imprint
4. Dispatched to the international postal system within 48 hours*

FedEx International MailService® Standard mail is flown on a next available flight basis, and arrives at the destination country's Postal Administration without air delay or consolidation. The delivering Postal Administration then moves the mail through its customary, non-priority channels (rather than as airmail.)

* 2 day or 48 hour commitment is for mail which is completely ready to post and requires no further documentation or postal preparation when it arrives at the mail center.

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