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HEADLINE: FedEx Global Trade Manager Keeps Optics Company in Compliance

Edmund Industrial Optics — a premier supplier of lenses, laser optics, imaging systems and more — works with customers around the world. The company’s challenge: following post-Sept. 11 federal restrictions that control what products can be sent to specific countries and customers. Because restriction statuses can change daily, Edmund has to check every single order Edmund receives every day.

Carmen Torres, senior international sales representative for Edmund, uses FedEx Global Trade Manager’s Denied Party Screening Tool to cross-check every international order against an up-to-date database of restricted trading partners. She can search by country, customer or address; print supporting documentation; and send the order on its way. According to Torres, the tool’s simplicity and comprehensiveness makes all the difference. “I can release the orders faster and input more orders in one day. If we tell the customer it’s going to be out the door we can get it out the door thanks to FedEx Global Trade Manager.”

Carmen Torres
Senior International Sales Representative
Edmund Industrial Optics