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FedEx whitepapers give you an inside view into our critical inventory order fulfillment optimization and visibility solutions. We invite you to read the whitepapers and assess how these solutions can best benefit your business.

The title and first paragraph of each FedEx SupplyChain® whitepaper is listed below.

Effectively Managing the Distribution of Time-Sensitive Parts and Devices: Order Fulfillment Optimization
When equipment failure occurs, business operations often come to a standstill and waiting for repairs becomes a major expense. Getting back online means repair technicians need the right service parts quickly. Balancing technician on-board inventory versus other supply options requires a combination of information technology and customer confidence. This report outlines the factors to be considered in the distribution and return of critical service parts and how these factors can best be coordinated for optimization.

Quick Response Solutions: FedEx Critical Inventory Logistics® Revitalized 
When businesses experience a failure event, a dual economic impact results: loss of profit and absorption of costs. Usual fixed and variable costs of production are still incurred during the time of repair, but are wasted without a product or service produced. Sometimes called the “instantaneous cost of failure,” these impacts can be massive and therefore create a need for proactive business strategy to mitigate the impact of failure.