A critical delivery for a colleague’s organ transplant

FedEx social media team
October 30, 2019

After battling with declining kidney function from a young age and spending hours on dialysis each day in the 12 months prior, TNT team member Kristy Wade knew that a kidney transplant was inevitable. What she didn’t know was that her new kidney would be delivered by colleague Darryl Lanteri, who was then a member of the TNT Time Critical team. Darryl didn’t know the significance of the delivery either, until his manager got word a few days later and Kristy gave him a call to express her gratitude.

“I was humbled and proud to be a part of her life-changing operation,” Darryl explained. “A lot of the time, I’m left wondering what happened after I made the delivery: Who was the organ for? How they are feeling afterwards? And speaking to Kristy was the first chance I had to know the other side of the delivery.”

Kristy too appreciated learning that her organ’s safe and swift delivery was made possible by Darryl and TNT. “Finding out Darryl was the person to deliver the kidney to the hospital was just amazing. It made me feel like this was all meant be,” she said. “Receiving a transplant has changed my life and I will be forever grateful to my donor family for providing me with the opportunity to live my life again.”

The TNT Time Critical team in Australia, of which Darryl was a member during this delivery, takes on the huge responsibility of delivering life-saving organs, blood donations and equipment for medical procedures around the country, in addition to other urgent deliveries. “All of our customers’ shipments are important,” Darryl explained. “However, extra care and compassion is necessary to ensure the organs we transport arrive as safely and as quickly as possible.” 

Darryl Lanteri and Kristy Wade

Darryl Lanteri and Kristy Wade