How $46 launched Dream Beard’s global success

A photo of Ryan and Brittany Lane, founders of Dream Beard

My wife Brittany and I started Dream Beard in 2012 with our last $46. We were just a few months into our marriage, and we didn’t know much about business, or life for that matter. We had just moved from Ohio to Georgia to be closer to family, and we were living at my father-in-law’s house in her old bedroom from high school — right across the hall from him!

We hit the ground running and began submitting applications to any and every job we could think of. At the same time, I was having trouble with an itchy beard. I had tried lotion and a few random products that were supposed to help but didn’t get the job done, since beard products were so new at the time.

Creating a business centered around men’s facial hair sounded crazy because we were pioneering a product that people hadn’t heard of. We just took it step-by-step and figured things out as we came to them.

We’ve come a long way since 2012. We are currently in over 80 countries, and we now offer grooming products that aren’t beard-specific. No matter how much Dream Beard grows, we always intend to include a handwritten thank-you note expressing our gratitude for our customers’ support, like we have always done since day one. Our customers mean so much to us, and we know that we would never be able to live out this dream without them.


How $46 Launched Dream Beard’s Global Success

Watch and learn how the owners of Dream Beard sped up their small business growth.

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