Market your small business with custom labels

When your customers receive a package, they look at the label to see who the package is for and where it’s from. You’ve got their attention.

Shipping labels from eCom Label Solutions are six-panel, foldout brochures that you can use to communicate various messages to your online customers. It’s a great opportunity to build your brand and encourage them to buy again ― even before they open their package.

eCom Label Solutions are available to FedEx customers and are compatible with FedEx Ship Manager® and select FedEx® Compatible providers. It’s easy to sign up for these innovative labels.

Creatively communicate with your customers

  • Offer coupons or sales promotions.
  • Cross-sell with other companies.
  • Recommend additional products based on your customers' ordering habits.
  • Direct customers to a specific web page using QR codes.
  • Connect with social media.
  • Allow customers to personalize gifts with photos and messages.
  • Reward customer loyalty with incentives.
  • Streamline returns.


Use customized labels to boost holiday revenue

As you plan your strategy for the holiday season, consider ways you can use the labels to enhance your e-commerce operations, build customer loyalty, and drive repeat business. Here are how some small businesses are using eCom labels:

  • Black Friday now begins on Thursday. Thanksgiving isn’t just about turkey and football anymore. It’s also about shopping. Let deal hunters know about your holiday promotions and anything new you’re debuting.
  • The holiday shopping season keeps growing. A longer holiday season means more time for email promotions, and more time for customers to become overwhelmed and desensitized. With your offer printed right on the label, you’ll grab your customers’ attention and keep them thinking of you when they shop.
  • Stand out to your first-time customers. The sheer uniqueness of these labels makes receiving a package a memorable experience. Use that attention to recommend other products, plug your social media, or send customers to your website for more deals or loyalty rewards programs.
  • Personalize gift giving. Your customers can personalize their packages with special messages or pictures within the six-panel label.


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