Business banners: How to choose between different styles of banners

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Whether you’re promoting an event, participating in a trade show or just want to advertise your company’s everyday awesomeness, business banners are an easy and effective way to get the word out. Indoor and outdoor banners are a vital tool to have in a company’s marketing toolbox. Because of their versatility and modularity, there’s a banner for almost any occasion—the key is choosing the correct one. 

Many marketers agonize over the graphic design of an attention-grabbing banner, overlooking the importance of choosing the right style of banner. Below is a look at the different styles of banners and where they’re commonly employed. 

Suspended banners and hanging banners

Perhaps the most commonly known type of banner, hanging banners from above provides superior promotional value and ultimate eye-catching appeal without taking up valuable floor space. Available in a near-infinite combination of shapes, colors, and sizes, suspended banners are a favorite of marketers for all occasions, from hanging window banners at department stores to storefront grand opening banners to wayfinding at a trade show. The use of suspended and hanging banners is only limited by your imagination. Popular outlets include: 

  • Retail stores
  • Restaurants and eateries 
  • Trade shows 
  • Parties 

Stationary and retractable banners

Stand-up, stationary banners are a great solution for limited wall space. These 24” x 70” floor displays stay put in their metal stands and can be printed on both sides for maximum visibility.

Pull-up and retractable banners remain a favorite among the various types of banners for their ease of use, portability and their adaptability to different indoor spaces. Thanks to their standing banner design, set up is easy—and because retractable banners roll into their bases, they take up minimal storage space and are protected from damage such as fading and tearing. 

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A few examples where retractable and stationary banners are best used are: 

  • Trade show booths 
  • Retail displays 
  • Office entryways or lobbies 
  • Presentations 
  • Fundraisers 

Tripod banners

Sometimes you need a more mobile option to take on the road. Tripod banners are lightweight and require minimal setup, making them an ideal choice for presentations and table displays. You can opt for a large floor display, and tabletop tripod, or both.

Implement your best business banner ideas on a tripod banner display for maximum effect at:

  • Trade show booths 
  • Arts-and-craft shows 
  • Charity events and raffle tables
  • Food vendors 

Types of banner materials

Another important consideration when creating a business banner is the various types of banner materials used. Just as you want to match the style of banner to the event, you’ll also want to pair the banner material to the event. After all, a fabric banner might look stunning in your store, but is not nearly as effective outside. 

Vinyl banners: Affordable, effective and offered in rich, glossy colors, vinyl banners are a durable staple of many companies' marketing efforts. You’re able to print on both sides of a vinyl banner, making them a great option in places like store windows, because they communicate to customers both inside and outside your shop. 

Mesh banners: Mesh is the must-have material when maintaining a level of visibility is vital. Because they are semi-transparent, mesh banners are popular for use on fences at sporting events or in windows where letting natural light in is important. An added bonus of mesh banners is that air flows through them, making them ideal for use at windy events or locations.  

Fabric banners: Fabric is durable, easily washed and travels well. Fabric banners are offered by FedEx Office at special request.

There are a lot of banner styles to sort through when planning your marketing. In addition to those mentioned here, you may need step-and-repeat banners (the type that serves as a backdrop for photo ops when you enter events), and pop-up booths for use at trade shows or sporting events. The right style of banner spotlights your graphic design and winning wording, catching your audience’s attention and conveying your message. If you need a business banner to breathe new life into your store front, add appeal to your trade show booth or amp up your event, FedEx Office is here to help.

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