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Seven Ways to Become A More Effective and Efficient Shipper

Seven Ways to Become A More Effective and Efficient Shipper
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Whether you own an online store or a traditional brick and mortar shop, shipping is part of business. Here are 7 considerations to help you set up shipping, save money, scale up, and streamline.


1.     Compare shipping options

There’s a FedEx answer for nearly every speed, size, destination, and budget. Knowing your options will help you choose wisely. You can compare U.S. shipping or international options. Or go straight to all shipping services to get in-depth descriptions.


2.     Package your shipment right

From dim weight to packaging perishables, our Packaging Help Hub provides answers to the most common packaging questions for almost any kind of product.


3.     Make returns easy

Shoppers see returns as a natural part of buying, and return policies really affect their choices. In fact, 95% of customers are likely to shop with you again if you make returns convenient. You can put return labels at their fingertips, in the box or in their email. And we’ve got integrated returns systems to make the whole process easier.


4.     Schedule your pickups

Are you too busy to drop off? Set up a one-time, automated, or daily pickup. If you’re using FedEx automation1 and shipping regularly, but not every day, try our new service — FedEx Ground® Automated Pickup2. Your system will alert us when you create your first shipment of the day. We'll only come on days you need us and waive your pickup fee during weeks with no FedEx Ground pickups.


5.     Go mobile

If you’re a business owner, your phone is your mobile command center. Use the free FedEx® Mobile app to get alerts and start shipments anywhere.


6.     Automate your shipping

There are a lot of ways to automate your shipping to save you time. One of the easiest is using FedEx Ship Manager®.  You can set your preferences and build an address book. The program will auto­populate your shipping forms and take human errors out of the equation.


7.  Streamline with FedEx functions built into your business software

As you're setting up your e-commerce platform, remember FedEx shipping functions are already built into a lot of popular software. Whether you're using third-party shipping plug-ins, or fully integrated platforms, FedEx-ready software is there. You can cut down on time spent on shipping setup and rekeying addresses.


Automation solutions include FedEx Ship Manager® at fedex.com, FedEx Web Services, FedEx Ship Manager® Software, and FedEx Ship Manager® Server.

To initiate a pickup, create and transmit your first shipment of the day before your designated daily cutoff time, which you will receive at enrollment.