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Patients, families, doctors and hospitals depend on your products to improve lives every day. You need solutions that handle your deliveries with care, protect shipment integrity, prevent theft, provide visibility, and meet trade and regulatory requirements. See how FedEx can help.

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FedEx HealthCare Solutions Knowledge Center: Industry news you need

From exclusive looks at new technology, to insights from supply chain experts, get the healthcare industry news and information you need from the FedEx HealthCare Solutions Knowledge Center. Explore it now for fresh insights.

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Ensure reliable results for temperature-sensitive shipments

From cryogenic to warm temperatures, our solutions will help maintain the integrity of your products throughout the entire journey.

Control temperatures

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Follow the status of valuable and critical shipments

From pickup to final delivery, your high-value or temperature-sensitive packages are securely monitored and visible through real-time tracking systems.

Maintain visibility

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Find solutions for your unique industry

The healthcare business is as diverse as the patients it serves. We provide solutions to fit your specific needs including:

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Benefit from our world of experience

Delivering positive patient outcomes and customer satisfaction is your focus. But keeping up with the ever-changing dynamics of healthcare can take you away from this focus. Spend less time worrying about import and export compliance regulations and customs brokerage services with help from our Regulatory Consulting Group, Trade & Customs Advisory Services and customs brokerage services.

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At every step — the right connections

Your business requires a highly efficient path to the providers, patients and field reps waiting for your products. Our network provides the level of fulfillment, inventory management, temperature-sensitive transportation and time-critical delivery you need.

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A world of care

Healthcare needs exist in every part of the globe. See how FedEx HealthCare Solutions can help with our global experience, speed and customized solutions.

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The solutions you need.

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