Healthcare businesses require a highly efficient path to the providers, patients and field reps waiting for your products. Learn how FedEx provides the level of fulfillment, inventory management, temperature-sensitive transportation and time-critical delivery the healthcare industry needs.

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Market Insights from Healthcare Supply Chain Leaders

FedEx survey reports growing regulatory complexity and need for harnessing data and innovative technologies.

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Healthcare Cold Chain Shipping

Learn about the latest in cold chain logistics from FedEx Temp-Assure® — and what it means for healthcare.

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Get to Know: In-Vitro Diagnostic Testing

This article in our “Get to Know” series features a look into the complex role of in-vitro diagnostic testing in the healthcare industry and how supply chains must evolve to support it.

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How FedEx Optimizes Shipping for Small Packages

Learn how FedEx cold chain experts help companies take a holistic approach to shipping small packages with temperature-sensitive shipments.

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Get to Know: Cell Therapy and Biologics

This article in our “Get to Know” series features a look into the role of cell therapy and biologics in the healthcare industry.

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Cold Chain Logistics Help Deliver Medical Innovations

How to ensure the next generation of temperature-sensitive healthcare products can support patients.

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Looking Beyond Trade Regulatory Information

Finding and understanding regulatory information can be a daunting task. Let FedEx help.

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Get to Know: Class II Medical Device Companies

This article in our “Get to Know” series features a look into the role of class II medical device companies in the healthcare industry.

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White Paper: Medical Devices Top Market Report

This Top Markets Report examines 57 different markets in terms of U.S. export history, forecasted market risk and rewards for exporters of medical technology; per capita spending in markets; and market size.

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Outsourcing and Globalization to Meet Market Pressures

Learn how the outsourcing of logistics transportation fulfillment is becoming a trend in healthcare and changing the face of logistics and distribution.

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Get to Know: Healthcare Products Distributors

This first article in our “Get to Know” series features a look into the vital role of healthcare products distributors in the healthcare supply chain.

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FedEx Study Finds More Healthcare Customers Are Using Supply Chain to Stay Competitive

Research shows that supply chain is a growing and important differentiator for companies in the fast changing $3 trillion healthcare sector.

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Delivering on the Vast Potential of Personalized Medicine

Since the nature of personalized medicine is highly complex, in order to realize this potential, the healthcare sector must look beyond its borders and rely on cross-sector collaboration.

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