The world of healthcare regulation and compliance is increasingly complex and constantly changing. See how the experts at FedEx provide customers in the healthcare industry with unparalleled guidance — helping them stay compliant in every step of the supply chain process.

Puzzled About Import Lines?

We clear up the most common misunderstandings about import lines.

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GDP Certifications and Regulatory Requirements

Learn why transportation providers have no regulatory requirement to pursue GDP-type certifications.

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Healthcare Regulatory Solutions

Watch how FedEx helps the healthcare industry stay a step ahead of both domestic and international regulations and overcome the challenges that come with product integrity.

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How to Export out of a Foreign-Trade Zone

Foreign-Trade Zones are subject to tight control when goods are moved out of the United States — here’s how FedEx can help keep things moving.

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U.S.-Controlled Exports Made Easy

Exporting goods out of the United States can be challenging, but here’s how FedEx can help.

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How Are Your Competitors Tackling Compliance Challenges?

Learn how healthcare companies are innovating their supply chains to keep up with ever-changing FDA regulations.

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The Latest on Biopharma Regulatory Trends

Understanding biopharma's transportation and regulatory requirements will give you a view of trends throughout the entire healthcare market.

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Biologics Are Booming

Take a look inside the growth in biologics imports — and how companies are keeping up.

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Crossing U.S. Borders With Healthcare Shipments

How healthcare companies are improving their compliance process and expanding globally.

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C-TPAT Certified? You Bet!

Learn about C-TPAT benefits including faster U.S. border lanes and reduced U.S. customs inspections.

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