When it comes to healthcare supply chain needs, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. That's why FedEx offers custom supply chain capabilities that fit every product's lifecycle. See how FedEx provides custom solutions across the industry.

How Reverse Logistics Can Increase Customer Satisfaction

Learn how advances in reverse logistics are bringing new value to manufacturers.

Learn about reverse logistics

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How to Transport Frozen Vaccines with FedEx

Learn how FedEx® cold chain shipping solutions help ensure healthcare product integrity throughout transportation.

Discover cold chain shipping

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Adapting the Healthcare Supply Chain to the Market of the Future

Get the latest on logistics needs of medical products companies from supply chain expert Kevin McPherson.

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Benefit from Vertical Integration in Product Manufacturing

How healthcare companies are outsourcing responsibilities up and down the supply chain to maximize efficiencies and control costs.

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FedEx Supply Chain Webinar: Gain a Competitive Advantage

The answers to your top three supply chain challenges.

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Temperature-controlled Supply Chains are Evolving

Watch as thought leaders from healthcare industries describe supply chain innovations that will help to protect product integrity, simplify compliance, improve visibility and enhance security for biologics.

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Innovation Profile: Advanced Tissue

Learn how Advanced Tissue relies on FedEx to support a sophisticated delivery network for customized wound care kits to patient homes and long-term care facilities

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How to Manage Costs in Healthcare Supply Chain

Watch how logistics professionals are helping companies better manage costs and streamline supply chains in the healthcare industry.

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Turning Cost Challenges Into Opportunities

Responding to cost management pressure in the healthcare supply chain.

Drive opportunities

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Creating Innovative Supply Chain Solutions

Learn about the newest supply chain solutions healthcare companies are implementing to address complex healthcare challenges.

Discover new solutions

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Innovation Profile: The Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation

Learn how the Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation depends on FedEx to help deliver tissue and organ donation to patients on time and intact.

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Supply Chain Innovation for a Growing Drug Industry

Learn which trends in the pharmaceutical industry are driving supply chains to quickly become more flexible — and how supply chain technologies are responding.

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FedEx Strengthens Healthcare Portfolio With the FedEx Cold Chain Center Memphis

In today’s evolving healthcare industry, temperature matters. See how FedEx is taking temperature control to the next level with the opening of the FedEx Cold Chain Center Memphis.

Explore the center

  • FedEx strengthens healthcare portfolio with cold chain center

Developing Shipping Solutions for Pharmerging Markets

Learn how customized shipping solutions are helping emerging pharmaceutical companies expand to new markets.

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