FedEx® HealthCare Solutions

Security & Visibility

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Know what’s happening with valuable and critical shipments

When you're working with vital healthcare products, it's not just about the final delivery. You need to know the status of your shipment from start to finish, inside and out. We provide advanced tracking, monitoring, visibility, intervention and secure transportation solutions so you can track the entire journey of your shipment.

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FedEx Priority Alert®

Receive around-the-clock support, advanced shipment monitoring and proactive, personalized notification with a dedicated global service analyst.

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SenseAwareSM, a FedEx innovation

Know the location of your shipment in real-time by combining a powerful web-based application with an advanced multi-sensor device. This enhanced visibility during shipping will allow you to take control of your supply chain.

Enhance your visibility

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FedEx® ShipmentWatch

Prefer to let the professionals monitor your shipment inside and out? FedEx Custom Critical® will monitor your shipment with SenseAwareSM, a FedEx innovation. Tell us your specific parameters and leave the rest to us.

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FedEx TranSmart®

Need help meeting your Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) compliance requirements? Use FedEx TranSmart to view proof of delivery signatures for up to seven years after the ship date.

Meet requirements

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Pharmacy delivery

Ensure the safe delivery of your pharmaceutical goods by specifying that a shipment be delivered directly to the pharmacy, bypassing the loading dock or other areas.

Keep shipments secure

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Secure transportation solutions

Receive the right level of secure transportation, from an exclusive-use vehicle to customized standard operating procedures to meet your unique security needs.

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