Secure Shipping and Geofencing Options

For the utmost in secure shipping, our 24-hour command center, FedEx Custom Critical SecureCommSM, can provide additional layers of security and oversight for your medical cargo. Options include shipment monitoring outside of the operation, geofencing and covert operations.

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3 Tips for Safe, Secure Healthcare Shipping

Getting your critical medical products in your customers' hands is no small task. Use this free guide to learn about the considerations and requirements you'll need to think about before you put your products into the shipping stream.

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Secure Transport Options

Know your healthcare shipment is in secure hands with these transport options:

Driver Secure Program
Secure measures above FedEx Custom Critical® standard operating procedures.

  • Truck must be completely fueled at time of pickup.
  • Truck will not stop until destination or within 200 miles of shipper.
  • Every vehicle is sealed.
  • Shipment details are confidential.
  • Drivers must monitor freight at all times.

Secure Parking
Allows our vehicles to park overnight while loaded at a secure FedEx facility.

  • Gated, fenced yard, 24-hour guard service and surveillance cameras.
  • Allows for secure transfer of freight when necessary.

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Pharmacy Delivery
When you’re shipping pharmaceuticals, you know that the security of your shipment is top priority. FedEx helps ensure the safe delivery of your goods to pharmacies by:

  • Allowing you to specify a pharmaceutical shipment should be delivered to the pharmacy, bypassing the loading dock or other area
  • Providing tracking information about the delivery location and access limitations encountered by the courier during delivery
  • Preventing loss by communicating requirements only with the courier; no stick or outside notification

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Secure Tracking Options

Our specialized tracking agents are assigned to monitor your healthcare shipment for added peace of mind and
extra-detailed visibility.

Covert Device Geofencing and Tracking
Monitoring and up-to-the-minute notifications of vehicle progress on approved secure routes.

  • Device is used to geofence and monitor designated vehicle route to delivery.
  • Live-time notifications are sent if route is exited or entered.
  • Allows for quick intervention as needed.

Command Center Tracking
More detailed monitoring of shipments with a select group of specialized agents.

  • Proprietary security protocol followed during transit.
  • Increased monitoring through high cargo theft areas.
  • Customer specifies standard operating procedures.

Contact your account executive or call 1.800.255.2421 to find out if these services are right for you.

Location Monitoring and Intervention

FedEx Custom Critical SecureComm monitors the locations on your shipment's route to ensure it's the safest route possible.

Regional Crime Geofencing
Our command center arranges geofences around high cargo theft areas.

  • We receive alerts when the vehicle enters a regional crime geofence and contacts the driver immediately.

Shipment Monitoring
Extra levels of attention for U.S. and international parcel and freight shipments.

  • FedEx Custom Critical ShipmentRescueSM: We'll intervene for shipments in distress, providing an exclusive-use truck with expedited delivery.

Contact your account executive or call 1.800.255.2421 to find out if these services are right for you.