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Ship easier by integrating shipping software with your
e-commerce platform

Ship easier by integrating shipping software with your
e-commerce platform
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As your small business grows, your most important resource becomes time. So save it.

"Integration" is when you use shipping software to connect your e-commerce systems to FedEx. The shipping software consolidates orders from your marketplaces and website in one place. And it makes label and packing slip creation fast and easy. Just set your shipping speed and carrier preferences ahead of time. Imagine no more manual data entry and order processing that's way faster. 

Think you’re too small to need integrated shipping software? Even if you're shipping only a handful of orders a week right now, growth can happen at any time. Social media can spike your sales overnight. Integrating now helps you prepare for the future. And during your rush season, shipping software makes it so much easier to keep up.


Streamline your shipping with FedEx® compatible 2

Easy shipping integration

Many shipping software options have FedEx shipping capability included. Some are even FedEx-certified. Just download and go.

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FedEx Web Services: Easier Shipping for Your Business

Custom shipping integration

Want to customize how shipping is built into your e-commerce platform? Get support for your in-house developers.

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Comparing the options

Compare ready-made shipping software with custom integration.

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