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Healthcare Industries

Healthcare Industries

Specialized, cost-effective solutions to fit your specific needs and those of your customers.

Specialized, cost-effective solutions to fit your specific needs and those of your customers.

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Discover a wide range of advanced solutions for time-critical, temperature-sensitive and high-value shipments.

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Medical Devices

When it comes to medical device shipments and inventory management, you need a network that keeps pace with your sales reps, builds loyalty and achieves compliance while protecting your valuable, time-critical shipments.

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Pharmaceuticals and Biotech

Whether your pharmaceutical and biological products are going to an in-home patient across the city or a clinic across the globe, every connection must go right. Know your supply chain is reliable, secure and compliant.

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Diagnostics Testing

Precision is essential when shipping specimens and samples for diagnostics — your patients’ treatment plans depend on it. Our packaging and shipping processes protect the specimen from clinic to lab and back again.

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You need to be confident that your products will reach their destination in the same condition in which they left your dock. Let us handle your medical equipment with the utmost care while keeping an eye on costs.

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Clinical Trials

Rarely is more investment or hope riding on a shipment than in the case of a clinical trial. Rest assured knowing our experience supports your product’s integrity with advanced solutions for connectivity, security and visibility. 

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FedEx Supply Chain

Get best-in-class supply chain solutions specific to the healthcare industry, backed by a team with decades of experience. We’ll help you fulfill regulatory requirements, increase visibility of your inventory and manage product disposal when needed.   


FedEx Custom Critical

Ensure the integrity of your temperature-sensitive products with our customized solutions for ground and air transport. Plus, you can request to receive documentation to verify regulatory compliance and have our Quality Assurance team monitor and track your shipments from pickup to delivery.  

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Reach Farther

Help fulfill the healthcare needs of countries worldwide by expanding your business across the globe. Get detailed information on our solutions and related services specific to those areas.


Keep Compliant With Regulations

Our team of regulatory experts will guide you on your import and export business. Take advantage of our consulting hotline, get trade and customs advice and customs brokerage assistance.

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Stay Current and in the Know

Get the info you need to compete in the industry. Explore recent healthcare news, white papers, blogs and more at the FedEx® HealthCare Solutions Knowledge Center.

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Achieve Your Business Goals

Whether you’re new to the industry or well on your way, the FedEx® Small Business Center can help you create efficiencies, manage finances and more.

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For more information on how FedEx HealthCare Solutions can help you package and ship your items with confidence, ask the virtual assistant at the bottom right of the screen or call 1.800.Go.FedEx and we’ll discuss your needs.