Return shipping insights for small business

Establish an international returns policy

Learn how to establish an international returns policy by understanding what drives customer returns, how to handle duties and taxes, and more.

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How returns can boost online sales and customer loyalty

Returns are part of selling online. Use these business insights and tips on returns to help boost your online sales and improve customer loyalty.

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A return strategy suited for success

SuitShop shares how a return strategy and partnership with FedEx helped build relationships with its customers and lead to business growth.

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Shipping as a competitive advantage

From free shipping to choosing the best returns options, here are some key ways you can give your business the competitive advantage.

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Support your customers beyond delivery

Get tips to meet and exceed customer expectations beyond delivery. From protecting and tracking packages to creating an easy returns process.

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Updating your returns policy

Get tips and examples of how businesses are making changes and creating new returns policies in response to COVID-19.

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