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Want to know what it’s really like to run your own business? Listen to the advice of some remarkable entrepreneurs. 

Want to know what it’s really like to run your own business? Listen to the advice of some remarkable entrepreneurs. 

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No ordinary business podcast

From life-changing investments to struggles with mental health, listen to entrepreneurs tell it like it is on Making It Work – your no-nonsense, straight-talking business podcast.

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I'm dreaming of a Black Friday

How the holidays get crazy

Let me pencil you in

Why are entrepreneurs so bad at turning off?

Click and mortar

 How to build an online store

Ask the expert special

Jason "Retailgeek" Goldberg

Reinventing the wheel

 Do you need to constantly innovate?

Fine margins

 How to price your goods

Raters and haters

How to respond to your reviewers

Going global

Is it worth selling your products outside the US?

You're not alone

The entrepreneurs discuss struggles with mental health

Small business owners reflect

 How entrepreneurship changed me

COVID-19 Special Part I:

Sales slump or off the charts? The coronavirus has impacted small businesses in so many ways. How are our entrepreneurs coping? What are they learning? In the first of a two-part special we talk to four founders about steering their business through a global health crisis.

COVID-19 Special Part II:

As the world begins to face the reality of a post-pandemic existence, small business owners are still working out how to operate safely. So how do you run a company under the constraints of coronavirus? And will things ever go back to how they were?

COVID-19 Special Part III:

In the third episode we never planned to make, we check in on the four entrepreneurs to see how they're weathering the COVID-19 storm. Have any temporary measures brought about lasting changes? And will it be enough to save their businesses?

Sick of instant ramen

When to start paying yourself

It's not working out

How to fire your employees

Too close to home

Working with friends and family

Don’t make ’em like they used to

Working with foreign factories

How to market your business

Product promotion in the 21st century

Swimming with sharks

Where to find investors

Only as good as its people

How to hold onto your employees


How to take on your competitors

Go big or go home

How to scale your business

We need to talk

When you should just give up

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The presenters

Kelli is a FedEx Small Business Champion and marketing strategist who has spent over a decade supporting US entrepreneurs. Tom is a writer and creative, keen to get to the heart of what drives small business owners in an ultracompetitive and ever-changing landscape.

The two may hail from different sides of the Atlantic, but they’re brought together by a shared passion for storytelling and entrepreneurship. Want to get in touch with Kelli, Tom and the team? Send an email to