Know Before You Go — Shipping Estimates Explained


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How to get more accurate shipping estimates

Did you know you can estimate the cost of shipping your package at with our pricing calculator? This article will give you the skills you need to make an accurate estimate for your future shipments.

Start with weightAn image of a weight scale

Weight is one of the most important determining factors when it comes to the cost of your shipment, so the more accurate your weight estimate is, the more accurate your shipping estimate will be.

You don’t need a fancy shipping scale to get an estimate. A simple bathroom scale will work just fine for most packages. Be sure to pack your shipment and weigh the entire thing — box and packing materials included. That will give you the most accurate weight for your estimate.

What’s your size?

Image of a measuring tape

The size of your packaging is as important as its weight when you need to calculate your shipping cost. Think about shipping five pool noodles to your sister in Phoenix. Those pool noodles would not weigh a lot, but the box needed to ship them would be quite large. It would take up a lot of space on the truck or airplane; therefore, that box is going to cost more than a smaller but similarly weighted package.

Our pricing calculator automatically takes into account the weight and size of your package. When you calculate your shipping, be sure to measure carefully and enter your package size accurately.

Special deliveryBrown FedEx box with measurement directions

The other factor that will most greatly affect your estimate is the urgency with which you need your package delivered. The greater the urgency, the higher the cost. FedEx First Overnight®, for example, will have a much different estimate than FedEx Ground. Learn more about your shipping options and other factors that determine shipping rates here.

Once you have all of these factors precisely measured, you will be able to get a more accurate estimate. Try it out with our calculator for yourself, and see how close your estimate is to the actual shipping cost.

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