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Get the latest news and information on advancements in healthcare supply chain solutions.


From advanced product packaging to the latest tracking technologies, breakthroughs continue to significantly impact the healthcare products supply chain. Learn how FedEx uses cutting-edge technology to provide healthcare customers with valuable solutions.

A drone delivers a package

Logistics Technologies: Digitization, Data and Drones

Discover what’s transforming healthcare products logistics.

Read about logistics technologies
Two colleagues at a medical device manufacturer view interior temperatures on a tablet

Internet of Things and the Healthcare Supply Chain

The IoT can help improve supply chain visibility and efficiencies.

See real-time benefits
Overhead view of two medical colleagues preparing a FedEx shipment

Pharma Logistics: Harnessing Big Data

Manufacturers are using data to increase supply chain efficiencies.

Learn how data can help
Two businessmen review inventory paperwork

Healthcare Supply Chain Innovation

Big data can integrate supply chains to help improve insights, cost savings and market adaptability.

Learn how data drives connectivity
A chemist views the liquid contents of a conical flask

Tracking Tech: Competitive Supply Chain Strategy

Tracking and sensing technology helps improve healthcare supply chains.

Learn why transparency matters
Close up of a human's lower jaw bone being created by a 3D printer

Technology Innovation Profile: 3D Printing and Going Local

Advances in 3D printing will revolutionize medicine, but are supply chains ready?

Understand the challenge
A pharmacist places a bottle of medication on a pharmacy shelf.

Healthcare Technology and the Supply Chain

See how operational, clinical and supply chain data intersect.


When it comes to healthcare supply chain needs, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. That's why FedEx offers custom supply chain capabilities that fit every product's lifecycle. Discover how your business will benefit with custom solutions from FedEx, no matter where you are in the healthcare industry. 

Close up of medical instruments in metal trays sealed in separate sterile plastic bags.

Reverse Logistics: Boosting Customer Satisfaction

Advances in reverse logistics are bringing new value to manufacturers.

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A woman wearing a winter coat, hat, scarf and mittens scans a package in a cold-storage warehouse.

How to Transport Frozen Vaccines With FedEx

FedEx® cold chain shipping solutions help ensure product integrity.

Discover your options
A customer looks closely at a bottle of medication that she has removed from its package.

Adapting to the Market of the Future

Supply chain expert Kevin McPherson discusses medical logistics.

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FedEx Temp Assure packages sit in the foreground; a pharmacist stocks a shelf in the background.

Vertical Integration in Product Manufacturing

Outsourcing can maximize efficiencies and help control costs.

Explore the benefits
A FedEx courier delivers  a unit-dose package of wound-care supplies to patient's home.

Innovation Profile: Advanced Tissue

Maker of wound-care kits delivers directly to patients' residences.

See how FedEx helps
A close-up of four prescription medicine bottles, each containing different types of pills.

Turning Cost Challenges Into Opportunities

Responding to cost-management pressure in the supply chain.

Learn how to reduce costs
FedEx Temp Assure packages sit in the foreground; a pharmacist stocks a shelf in the background.

Creating Innovative Supply Chain Solutions

See what healthcare companies are doing to meet complex challenges.

Explore supply chain diversity
A team of medical professionals performs a surgical procedure.

The Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation

Learn how we help deliver tissue and organ donations on time and intact.

Read why innovation matters
A FedEx courier pushes a pallet of boxes into a FedEx truck.

Webinar: Gain a Competitive Advantage

Discover how innovations help the medical industry overcome supply chain challenges.


Healthcare businesses require a highly efficient path to providers, patients and field reps waiting for their products. Learn how FedEx provides the fulfillment, inventory management, temperature-sensitive transportation and time-critical delivery the healthcare industry needs.


two people in a control center looking at a wall of data

Connectivity in a Global Healthcare Marketplace:  Expert Insights from FedEx

A FedEx courier delivers supplies to a Children's Hospital.

Get to Know:

Evolution in hospital roles creates opportunities and challenges.

Read how economics create change
A pharmacy tech counts pills as a pharmacist prepares FedEx Express packages.

Get to Know: Specialty Pharmaceuticals

A look into their role and how supply chains must evolve to support them.

Learn about technology developments
A doctor closely examines a pacemaker and an implantable cardiac monitor.

Get to Know: Class III Medical Device Companies

What are they and how does regulatory control affect product distribution?

See how visibility helps meet goals
A FedEx cargo jet transports a temperature-sensitive shipment.

Healthcare Cold Chain Shipping Logistics

Get the latest in cold chain logistics and see what it means for healthcare.

Explore FedEx Temp-Assure® solutions
Close up: a laboratory worker fill vials with a pipette.

Get to Know: In-Vitro Diagnostic Testing

Rigorous quality standards present growing supply chain challenges.

Read how compliance is met
A customer picks up two small Priority Alert packages.

FedEx Optimizes Shipping for Small Packages

Companies take a holistic approach to temperature-sensitive shipments

See the benefits of overnight shipping
A biomanufacturing specialist working in a cell therapy clean room hands his colleague a vial

Get to Know: Cell Therapy and Biologics

Autologous and allogeneic therapies require stringent logistics.

See how cell integrity is protected
Colleagues discuss business while a FedEx courier delivers a Priority Alert shipment.

Looking Beyond Trade Regulatory Information

Finding and understanding regulatory information can be a daunting task.

Let our trade compliance team help
Close-up of infusion pumps In a hospital corridor.

Get to Know: Class II Medical Device Companies

Product cost and service support require a complex supply chain.

Learn why status tracking is critical


The world of healthcare regulation and compliance is increasingly complex and constantly changing. See how the experts at FedEx provide customers in the healthcare industry with skilled guidance — helping them stay compliant in every step of the supply chain process.

person scanning healthcare items

Healthcare Shipping: Expert Advice for a Healthy Supply Chain

colonel rick searfoss

Leadership Advice from a Former NASA Astronaut

A FedEx courier crosses a city street.

How to Export out of a Foreign-Trade Zone

Controlled commodities are subject to tight controls. We can help.

Learn about the benefits
Close up of medicine bottles being unpacked and placed on a white pharmacy counter.

U.S.-Controlled Exports Made Easy

Learn about customs documents and how to accurately complete them.

Get tips
Close-up view of two medium FedEx Priority Alert packages.

Puzzled About Import Lines?

Learn how incorrect information can delay shipments at customs.

Get answers
Close up of clear medicine bottles packed in a FedEx box.

GDP Certifications and Regulatory Requirements

Here’s why GDP certifications aren’t required for transportation providers.

Learn about good distribution practices


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