Healthcare Shipping Services

Healthcare Shipping Services

Ensure your business has the right connections — every step of the way.

Ensure your business has the right connections — every step of the way.

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Your field reps, providers and patients depend on the fast delivery of your product. To meet — or exceed — their expectations, you can depend on FedEx to provide fulfillment services, inventory management, and temperature-sensitive and time-critical delivery. 

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FedEx Express

For delivery across the city in hours or across the globe in a few days, FedEx Express has reliable, time-definite options for your healthcare shipping.

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FedEx Ground

When speed isn’t your only priority, use the reliable, cost-effective service from FedEx Ground. It’s faster to more locations than UPS Ground.*

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FedEx Office

From time- and day-definite to same-day delivery, for package holding and pickup options, and for secure printing, go to a FedEx Office location.

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FedEx Freight

Ship your healthcare products using our less-than-truckload service and benefit from our extensive coverage and careful handling.

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FedEx Custom Critical

For sensitive shipments with rigid time constraints or additional security needs, our range of offerings will support your mission.

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FedEx Trade Networks

Meet global opportunities as we work with varied modes and carriers to match your budget, schedule and requirements.

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FedEx Supply Chain

Mitigate risk at each phase of your product’s life cycle. Our solutions enable transparent, innovative and regulatory-compliant supply chains.

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FedEx® Returns

Access full visibility of your shipments throughout the return process, link the return shipment to the original outbound shipment and more.

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FedEx Home Delivery®

Let your sales reps select when they want your products shipped to their residence with day-definite, evening and appointment delivery options.

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FedEx Delivery Manager®

Ensure your busy sales reps don't have to slow down for a shipment and your patients never miss a dose — by putting deliveries in their hands. When they sign up for FedEx Delivery Manager, they choose when and where they want their shipment to arrive.

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Reach Farther

Help fulfill the healthcare needs of countries worldwide by expanding your business across the globe. Get detailed information on our solutions and related services specific to those areas.


Keep Compliant With Regulations

Our team of regulatory experts will guide you on your import and export business. Take advantage of our consulting hotline, get trade and customs advice and customs brokerage assistance.

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Stay Current and in the Know

Get the info you need to compete in the industry. Explore recent healthcare news, white papers, blogs and more at the FedEx® HealthCare Solutions Knowledge Center.

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Achieve Your Business Goals

Whether you’re new to the industry or well on your way, the FedEx® Small Business Center can help you create efficiencies, manage finances and more.

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For more information on how FedEx HealthCare Solutions can help you package and ship your items with confidence, ask the virtual assistant at the bottom right of the screen or call 1.800.Go.FedEx and we’ll discuss your needs.


*Validated June 26, 2017.