Plan your shipment

The secret to smooth international shipping is choosing the right service and preparing documents correctly. Take advantage of our checklists and tools to plan international shipments.

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  • Start the international shipping process with a custom checklist

Start the international shipping process with a custom checklist

Simplify your international shipping and avoid unnecessary delays by using this step-by-step guide.

Double-check with our checklist

International shipping calculator

It’s a lot easier to do business when you know your import and export expenses. Know your costs in advance by estimating duties and taxes. Use our rate finder to know your options.

Estimate your shipment’s duties and taxes

Get international shipping rates

Find ancillary fees

For smooth shipping, know the country’s ins and outs

When it comes to import and export requirements and processes, every country is different. Whether you’re shipping to Canada, Mexico, China, Brazil, or India, check the country’s requirements early to avoid delays later.

Research country-specific requirements

  • For smooth shipping, know the country's ins and outs.

What are you shipping?

No matter what you’re shipping, FedEx can get it there. From luggage to dangerous goods we have the right fit. We can meet industry-specific needs:

Protect your shipment

Keep tabs on regulatory requirements. Make sure you’re not shipping a prohibited item or sending it to a denied party.

Track regulatory requirements and alerts

Get answers to international shipping questions

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