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Shipping Checklist

Follow these step-by-step guidelines for international shipping preparation to avoid unnecessary delays as your shipment moves through the international shipping process.

International Shipping Checklist
1. Determine if you can ship your commodity Allowed Shipments and Restrictions
Many countries have restrictions regarding what commodities may be shipped into and from their country as well as what services may be used to ship those commodities. FedEx provides detailed information on these restrictions in the Country Profiles.
Complete all necessary forms International Air Waybill (IAWB)
The International Air Waybill is the primary shipping document for most international shipments. You can fill out the IAWB online using FedEx Ship Manager at®.

Other International Forms
Other documents you may need vary by shipment, and may include the Commercial Invoice and Shipper's Export Declaration. FedEx can help you find international documents.
3. Provide information that is consistent, complete and legible Customs officers will check your shipment paperwork and contents at both the domestic export center and the international import center.

Tips to avoid customs clearance delays
  • Correctly complete all necessary documents, keeping your answers specific, accurate, and free of spelling errors
  • Keep your information consistent across all documents
  • List each commodity separately; providing a detailed and accurate description of each commodity, including what it's made of and how it will be used.
  • Legibly print the commodity's country of origin/manufacture, indicating where your commodity was manufactured, grown or produced.
  • Provide phone number or fax information for the sender and consignee.
4. Provide an accurate Declared Value At the import location, foreign customs officers will assess your duties and taxes. The declared value, along with the description of the goods, will be used to determine duties and taxes. Please note that the carriage value cannot exceed the customs value. FedEx can help you to estimate duties and taxes upfront.