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Shipping Information

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1: Before you ship
The best way to avoid unwanted surprises, customs clearance delays and fines when shipping internationally is to do some up-front research.

Research your shipment
To find out more about the country you are shipping to, use the country profiles that provide you with an extensive overview of information that is relevant for international shippers.
Next, check if any of the involved parties are on a government list of denied parties that have been denied the privilege of engaging in international business transactions.
You can also estimate duties and taxes prior to shipping a package to understand the landed cost for the shipment.
Visit the regulatory updates frequently, as they provide up-to-date information on changes in export/import regulations that might impact your shipment.

Find a FedEx
FedEx offers a variety of international shipping options, designed to meet your needs.
Let FedEx help you find a service.
Choose a service by rate or transit time.

Useful Links
To take advantage of online shipping, open an account.
Check FedEx Express International Terms and Conditions.
To learn more about shipping online, take the Ship Manager tour
Step  1  2  3   International Resource Center 
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