We Can Help You Get Started Exporting

Launched in mid-2004, the goal of the unique alliance between FedEx and the USCS is to create a network of export resources, advice and assistance for businesses like yours. Since the start of our alliance with the U.S. Commercial Service, we’ve conducted hundreds of exporting seminars and events, and through active outreach and support, we’ve introduced thousands of businesses to export and international trade opportunities.

We take the work out of export

Our alliance with the USCS makes perfect sense for businesses looking to grow through exports and international trade. When you choose to engage FedEx and the USCS, we provide end-to-end export support to help your business hit the ground running. We help businesses with such export needs as:

  • Identifying new international markets that offer opportunities for sustainable growth. To learn more, download the Market Intelligence PDF.
  • Determining a pricing strategy to maximize the return on your export investment.
  • Understanding your needs and recommending export strategies unique to your business and industry. To learn more, download the Trade Counseling PDF.
  • Finding and pre-screening prospective trade partners. To learn more, download the Business Matchmaking PDF.
  • Helping you understand and comply with international trade regulations.
  • Addressing barriers to international trade. To learn more, download the Trade Advocacy PDF.

To learn more, contact a dedicated trade specialist at 1-800-USA-TRADE (872-8723).

We provide valuable export counseling

Most advice from the U.S. Commercial Service is absolutely free. Why? Because the U.S. government wants to help businesses just like yours start to export. Exporting helps boost the U.S. economy. In fact, the vast majority — 97 percent — of all U.S. exporters are classified as small to medium-size businesses. These businesses are responsible for approximately 70 percent of new job creation in the U.S., and one in five manufacturing jobs in the U.S. rely on U.S. exports. So, when you engage FedEx and the USCS to help initiate the export process, both your business and the U.S. economy have the opportunity to grow. For an easy-to-understand yet highly informative overview of the whys and hows of international trade, download the International Trade 101 PDF. For information on export compliance, download the International Trade 102 PDF.

To learn about international shipping requirements, download the International Shipping Requirements Checklist PDF.