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May 2010
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Printer-Friendly Travel Light, Bypass Lines by Shipping Luggage Ahead

Ease airport hassles and lighten your load. Ship your luggage ahead with FedEx for reliable, timely delivery.
We've all been there — at the airport, struggling with heavy luggage, clumsily inching through the check-in line, the airport clock edging closer to departure time. Nobody enjoys spending valuable time jostling with other travelers around the baggage carousels.

Take the stress out of your domestic traveling experience by letting FedEx handle your baggage. You'll be free to enjoy your vacation or extended business travel without having to wait in lines.

Save yourself from airport hassle and bring your luggage to your nearest FedEx Office location to get your luggage on its way.

The benefits of shipping luggage with FedEx
Get peace of mind knowing you can take advantage of:
  • Convenience. There's no need for you to wait in line to check your baggage or stand around at the carousel once you reach your destination. Let FedEx Express or FedEx Ground handle your luggage so it's waiting when you arrive.
  • Reliability. We'll deliver your luggage wherever you need it: a residential address, your home, a hotel. If you want to avoid possible handling fees at the hotel, you can also pick up your luggage at a FedEx location.
  • Money saved. If you want to avoid the unforeseen, rising fees that airlines are charging for luggage handling, calculate the cost to ship your luggage via FedEx® on Choose FedEx Ground for economical delivery.
  • Less stress. Instead of trying to maneuver multiple bags through crowds and stretches of airport terrain, schedule a pickup for door-to-door service, or drop off your luggage at a nearby FedEx Office.
  • More choices. You can ship for less using FedEx Ground by bringing your suitcases to an eligible FedEx location a few days before your travel time. Find the transit time for your luggage to get to its destination via FedEx Ground. Or for added convenience, FedEx Express can ship your luggage where you need it overnight.
Locations and cost estimate
To find the closest FedEx Office location, go to Find FedEx Locations.

For an estimated cost to ship your luggage, go to