Gregory F. Hall

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FedEx Express Leadership 

Executive Vice President and CEO, Air Operations

Gregory F. Hall is executive vice president and chief executive officer of FedEx Express Air Operations.

Appointed March 1, 2017, Hall oversees the company’s global Air Operations division, which includes a fleet of more than 650 aircraft serving more than 375 airports worldwide.

He reports to Don Colleran, president and chief executive officer of FedEx Express.

In his previous role as senior vice president of air safety and business operations, Hall was responsible for safety, airworthiness, and airline regulatory compliance, along with aviation technology management, jet fuel management, and aviation strategic projects. Our worldwide Feeder Operation, Charter Operation, and Corporate Aviation were also under Hall’s purview.

Greg Hall Headshot

Before his air safety and business operations leadership role, Hall served as senior vice president of technical operations, responsible for all aircraft maintenance functions. He was also the vice president of aircraft maintenance when he joined FedEx Express in 2006.

Prior to joining the company, Hall was senior vice president of maintenance and engineering at United Airlines, where he was responsible for implementing continual improvement to increase revenue, lower costs, and enhance safety and reliability. He joined United Airlines while the company was still in bankruptcy protection and made use of his strong labor relations background and in-depth knowledge of industry pension plans, benefits, and compensation programs.

Before United Airlines, Hall served in several executive roles at American Airlines, including vice president of line maintenance, vice president of the Tulsa Heavy Maintenance Base, vice president of aircraft maintenance at American Eagle, and managing director of quality assurance.

Married with two adult children, Hall resides near Memphis, Tennessee. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in aeronautics/aircraft maintenance from Parks College of St. Louis University. He also holds an FAA Airframe and Power Plant license. Hall is the recipient of three FedEx Express CEO Five Star Awards. He is currently serving on the Wings Club Board of Directors and the Board of Advisors for Veteran Air Warriors, and he is a former member of the board for Orbis International Flying Eye Hospital.