Two people sitting talking to a FedEx courier.

QDM stories

QDM stories

Case studies of QDM culture and success

Quality Driven Management (QDM), our unique quality methodology, inspires team members at all levels within FedEx.

QDM Principles and tools have helped thousands of teams across FedEx improve quality and make progress on important business goals.

Read on for stories of the people and projects QDM has impacted.

FedEx airplane in the sky.

Quality takes wing

Rethinking how we use plane cargo space 

FedEx courier talking to a customer.

Innovation uncaged

Going the extra mile to free caged shipments

Customer service member on a computer.

Spot-on quality

Connecting customers to savings faster

Man wearing a tie raising his hand and smiling

Quality and

How quality helps drive transformation: Q&A with SVP Neil Gibson

Three people having a meeting with a laptop on a desk

Quality and

Get innovation right with 3 simple questions: Insights from VP Dennis Shirokov

Group of people looking at a laptop on city steps

Quality and career growth

How QDM helped a customer — and a team member's career — grow

A woman working on a computer.

QDM and

A unique alliance helps certify quality experts at FedEx