Peak season insights for small business

Seven tips for peak planning

Get advice from FedEx Small Business Grant Contest winners on how they make the most of their peak season.

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Peak season staffing

Get tips on staffing up for your small business peak season from Ibrahima Diallo, co-founder of Ginjan Bros.

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Company Christmas cards and holiday messages to clients

There are unspoken rules associated with company Christmas cards. Here’s how to effectively communicate a Happy Holidays message to clients.

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How small businesses give back

For some entrepreneurs, doing good and giving back is more than a seasonal theme, it’s a part of their business culture all year.

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Manage your time in peak

Get tips on time management for your small business peak season, from Kat Samardzija, owner of Locker Lifestyle.

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Key tips for shipping perishables

Get tips from FedEx and Phillip Rix, of Phillip Ashley Chocolates, on packing and shipping perishables.

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Plan your peak season inventory

Get advice on planning inventory levels for your small business peak season. Have enough product without getting stuck with a surplus.

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Use social media to boost sales

Get tips for building a social media strategy and boosting your small business peak season success.

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