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Prepare Your Shipment

It all starts with packing your shipment properly. Then you can determine what it will cost to ship it. And finally, you put a label on it, drop it off (or have it picked up), and you’re good to go.

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  • How to Ship FedEx


Packing resources and supplies

Depending on what you’re shipping (packages or freight), we have tips and tools, labels and guides, and even how-to videos to help you pack your shipment.

Learn how to pack

  • FedEx packing resources and supplies

Rates and surcharges

Here's where you can review FedEx standard list rates, and surcharges and fees. Your final shipping charges will vary depending on a number of factors: the service you choose; any special options you add, such as signature delivery; and the current fuel surcharge.

Determine your rate

  • FedEx rates and surcharges

Labels, documentation and locations

Your shipping labels can be prepared electronically (recommended — and easy!) or manually. Some shipments, such as international shipments, require other documentation. Pickup and dropoff options are flexible, depending on your need.

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  • FedEx shipping labels, documentation and pickup, dropoff locations

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