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Keeping up with addresses is a vital component for any business's shipping. The Address Book on is packed with useful features to help you. View the Frequently Asked Questions below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I update addresses in my Address Book?

To update a recipient record already existing in the Address Book, select the record from the Addresses tab. An Address Book record can be edited by clicking the underlined item in the first column. If updating a record, this page will display the previously saved information.

Complete or update the 'Contact Information' section for the recipient.

To save the new or updated recipient record to the Address Book without specifying default shipping or service options, click the Save button.

To specify any default options for this recipient, click the Edit link corresponding to the desired section.

Available options include 'Shipping Specific' options, ie, Service, Package type, 'Billing Details', Pickup/Drop-off, and E-mail notifications. After all desired information has been entered, click the Save button to add or update the entry in the Address Book.

May I get assistance importing addresses into my Address Book?

Select the Address Book's Import/Export tab and then the Import/Export sub-option. The import/export option box will display.

Select Import from the 'Choose action' drop-down list. To erase the existing contents of the address book and replace them with the records in the imported file, select the 'Replace address book' checkbox.

Select the type of addresses being imported from the 'Import as' drop-down list.

Enter the file name and path in the 'File to import' field, or click the Browse button to locate the file. Select a file format from the 'File type' drop-down menu. If the file to be imported does not fit one of the available import formats, select 'Map my file fields to the FedEx Import template' to map the import file before importing.

Click the Import button. The status of the import is displayed via alerts at the bottom of the import/export screen.

If any errors are reported upon import completion, click the View last import report link to view a report of problem addresses.

May I get assistance exporting addresses from my Address Book?

Select the Address Book's Import/Export tab and then the Import/Export sub-option.

The import/export options box will display.

Select Export from the 'Choose action' drop-down list. Select the items to export from the 'Export as' drop-down list.

Click the Export button. The Internet browser's file download window displays.

Select the option to Save the file to disk. Select a location on the local computer where the exported file should be saved. Enter the desired filename, using the file extension .csv. (For example, addressbook.csv), and select Save. The exported address records are downloaded to the specified location.