Customer Support

Questions about Commercial Account Cards.

What is a commercial account?

A FedEx Office commercial account offers payment convenience and expense control. Eligible applicants include mid-size and large businesses, associations, educational institutions and organizations. If your company fits these criteria, please apply for a FedEx Office Commercial Account. You can do this quickly with our online application form.

Why doesn't my commercial account card appear as an option in the Card Type dropdown menu when I go to check out?

You probably need to activate or update your FedEx Office Commercial Account information. This is easy to do. Click on the blue link in the Billing section of the order form's Review Order and Payment page. This will lead you to our forms for activating your account.

My company receives a discount at FedEx Office Print & Ship Centers. Does the discount apply to my online orders?

Yes. Any national discount associated with your commercial charge card or discount card will be applied to your order after you activate your account. The discount will show up in the pricing section of the order form.

Can I modify my commercial charge account online?

Yes. To do this, visit the commercial account card page. Choose from the options provided: activate your account, add authorized users, or apply for an account.

How do I apply for a FedEx Office commercial charge account?

You may apply online, using our online application form. Or, if you prefer, you can download a printable version of the application, sign it and fax it to us at 214.703.4034. Or, you may call 1.800.488.3705 to request an application be sent or faxed to you.