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New Surtaxes for Certain U.S.-Originating Goods

New Surtaxes for Certain U.S.-Originating Goods








Beginning July 1, 2018, Canada will impose countermeasures on imports of steel, aluminum and other products such as ballpoint pens, greeting cards, and soya sauce originating from the U.S.

The products subject to the countermeasures are listed in three tables (see link below). Goods from table one will be subject to a 25 percent surtax, and goods from tables two and three will be subject to a 10 percent surtax.

The surtaxes will apply to goods imported for both personal and commercial use. Goods that are eligible for duty relief or a reduction of customs duties due to a preferential tariff rate will not be exempt from the surtaxes.

It is important to note that the surtaxes will not apply to goods that are in transit to Canada prior to July 1, 2018.

Detailed Information

For further details about the countermeasures, and the tables containing the affected commodities, please click here.

For information regarding the application and calculation of the surtaxes, please click here.