Customs Information

Simplify your international shipping needs with customs information on additional services as well as direction on how to perform tasks using these services.

FedEx Electronic Trade Documents

Welcome to the world of FedEx Electronic Trade Documents. FedEx Ship Manager® Software provides this new, paperless international shipping solution to simplify your international shipping needs. Submit your international trade documentation electronically and you no longer have to print and attach trade documents to a shipment.

Capturing and sharing critical trade information as early as possible optimizes the customs clearance process. You can upload your Commercial Invoice and associated trade documents (e.g., other ancillary documents) for data entry and archiving.

FedEx Electronic Trade Documents Guide1 – Download this guide to access current FedEx Electronic Trade Documents information.

FedEx Electronic Trade Documents Job Aid

Electronic Export Information (EEI)

If you are shipping from the U.S. and your shipment requires EEI filling, complete the Electronic Export Information (EEI) information on the Customs screen.

FedEx EEI Filing Options Guide for Version 2358 and above - Download this guide to access current information about regulatory requirements.

For more information on Electronic Export Information (EEI), click here.
If you have any questions or need assistance using FedEx Ship Manager Software, please call the FedEx Ship Manager Technical Support Center at 1.877.FDX Assist 1.877.339.2774. Use of this new software is governed by the FedEx Automation Agreement for FedEx Ship Manager®.