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A targeted, professionally done direct mail campaign can get your business measurable results. FedEx Office can help you create direct mail that grabs the attention of your audience.1
Direct mail can be a powerful way to reach potential customers — but not if it goes straight from their mailbox to the recycling bin. The key is to deliver something your recipients will hold onto. Before you send out your next big message, consider these helpful hints:

Make your impression last. Whether on the fridge or on the break room table, coupons or postcards usually end up somewhere people can see them. To leave a lasting impression and bring customers to your business, include a coupon with your direct mail piece, advertising the special discount or promotion on the envelope or on the front of the postcard. This will give recipients even more reason to read the piece or look inside. It's easy to create the perfect look, message and size using letters, postcards or self-mailers.

A postcard is worth a thousand words. An eye-catching postcard can make a good first impression while cutting down on mailing costs and paper. Upload your own design or choose from a huge selection of professional templates — with designs tailored to your industry, style and purpose — at the FedEx Office postcards gallery.

Reach the right people. Is your mailing list out of date? Improve your return on investment with FedEx Office List Services. Before purchasing your mailing list, you can create one that is targeted to your needs using key demographic criteria so you can reach the right audience. We’ll clean up your list, making sure each address meets postal specifications and is deliverable to a residence. We’ll also mail and stuff the envelopes, print the addresses, pre-sort the mailing, and deliver the items to the post office. No sweat!

1FedEx makes no warranties, express or implied, regarding the effectiveness or success of direct mail campaigns. Anyone utilizing direct mail does so at their own risk. 

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