Improve customer loyalty and grow your business with FedEx® Global Returns

When you create a positive return experience for your customers and suppliers, you create a competitive advantage for your business. With our global returns solution, you have the ability to extend this experience to your international customers, and extend your business growth globally as well.

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Our global returns solution makes it easy to manage customer returns with the same services, reliability, convenience and visibility you already enjoy when shipping with us.  

Reliability and flexibility. Many of the FedEx® services you can use for international and domestic shipping are the same ones you can designate for return shipments.

Ease and convenience. As someone who ships internationally, you have built-in know-how concerning global commerce. However, your international recipients may not be so savvy. With our global returns solution, they don’t have to be. You’re equipping them with the shipping service, the print return label and the customs documentation they need to efficiently get shipments back to you or to the location of your choice.

Complete visibility. Because the original and return shipping costs are linked on your FedEx invoice, you have all the information you need to monitor your supply chain expenses.

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Going global with your business? We put an advanced, reliable transportation network to work for you by connecting markets that comprise more than 99 percent of the world’s GDP.

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At FedEx, we know your business is complicated enough, so we've made it easy — and nearly automatic — to create shipping labels and shipping documentation.

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