FedEx® Global Returns

FedEx® Global Returns

Industry Solutions

Industry Solutions

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No matter your industry, the increased visibility and tracking capabilities of our global return solutions enable you to plan staffing and other resource utilization ahead of time — based on the volume of products in your return pipeline.

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Retail Industry

  • What you need: To reduce call center costs, resolve problems quickly, increase customer loyalty and earn repeat business.
  • How we can help: Provide an easy and inexpensive return solution for your customers who want to return merchandise for credit, refund or exchange.

See How It Works

Read firsthand how Tennis Warehouse benefits from FedEx Global Returns solutions.

Do More for Your Business

Grow your customer base, provide customized delivery and more.

A man repairs a laptop motherboard

Warranty and Repair Industry

  • What you need: To reduce customer downtime, cut spare parts inventory and optimize the efficiency of your field service technicians.
  • How we can help: Provide you with a return solution that enables you to reduce your own costs while maximizing the return on your capital investment.

Did You Know?

Duties and taxes for return shipments will be assessed on the type of clearance and the commodity. There is no automatic suspension or refund.

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Healthcare Industry

  • What you need: Ensure your high-value products and samples are returned quickly — both by customers and by your sales representatives — to avoid degradation, maximize utilization, minimize inventory and meet compliance regulations.
  • How we can help: Provide a reliable, trackable return solution that’s easy for your sales representatives, central facilities and customers to use.

See How It Works

Read firsthand how CAN-AM Cryoservices benefits from FedEx Global Returns solutions.

Handle With Care

Protect your product’s integrity, meet regulatory requirements and more.

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See FedEx Global Returns in Action

Read how Spectra Logic, a data storage company, uses FedEx Global Returns to turn its return process into a seamless operation.