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General Information

What payment options are available?

Payment may be in the form of a valid credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and JCB).

How much does My Global Trade Data cost?

My Global Trade Data is free to all FedEx Trade Networks customers. There are fees associated with the My Global Trade Data Image CD, Images Online and WorldTariff®. Call 1.800.889.8723 or email for more information.

How often is My Global Trade Data information updated?

My Global Trade Data transactions are updated as events occur — some are real time. My Global Trade Data Reference is updated daily.

How long is data stored in My Global Trade Data?

Data is available in My Global Trade Data for the required regulatory periods. For Canada customs entries, it is stored for 7 years. For U.S. customs entries, it is stored for 5 years.

What's the difference between My Global Trade Data and electronic data interchange (EDI)?

My Global Trade Data is an online application, which displays transactional data available from FedEx Trade Networks business applications. My Global Trade Data allows users to view their own transactional data for brokerage and transportation shipments, create reports with that data, create customs documentation, and research customs issues.

By contrast, electronic data interchange (EDI) is a method for communicating data in a predefined standard format with the assistance of a translator. The translator function can read data generated by one application and put it into a predefined standard format that can be read by another translator for loading to an application. This translation occurs automatically. FedEx Trade Networks can receive data from customers' applications for use in our applications and send data from our applications for use in customers' applications. EDI by itself does not allow for the viewing of or reporting on data contained in the message. A customer who wants to send or receive EDI must have an application to store and display the data we send, or generate the data we receive.

How do I sign up for a live web demo?

Interested parties can visit for a list of current offerings and to register to attend. There are always introductory My Global Trade Data 101 sessions, as well as individual topics featured each month.

What entries are included on my Image CD?

Entries processed during the previous calendar month that have been accepted by CBP and have passed FedEx Trade Networks internal audits will be included on your monthly Image CD. Entries received later in a given month may not be included on that month's CD due to the time required for processing and internal auditing. These entries will be included on the following month's CD. For example, a shipment arriving on March 25 may not complete the CBP acceptance process until early April. Consequently, this entry would not be included on the March CD (received in April), but would be included on the April CD (received in May).

FedEx Trade Networks also offers online access to Imaged documents through the My Global Trade Data Track function and Images Online. This further enhances your ability to monitor your international shipments with instant access to entry-related and system created documents. You can view these documents any time you look at entry information through My Global Trade Data, as well as e-mail them or save them to your hard drive.

User Access

Where do I log in to My Global Trade Data?

On the website under Welcome Center, click on Login to My Global Trade Data.

Can we set up one user ID and password for everyone at my company?

Each one of your employees should have his or her own user ID and password for security purposes.

Is there a limit to how many people can access My Global Trade Data?

There is no limit.

Can I give my customer/vendor access to My Global Trade Data?

This is not recommended, as there is no limit to the proprietary information they can see. They can however, access Quick Find to obtain a limited view of certain data.

I cannot access My Global Trade Data; my user ID and password are invalid.

Make sure you are using lowercase letters and spelling your user ID and password correctly. If you are still unable to access, call the My Global Trade Data Help Desk at 1.800.889.8723 or email for assistance.

I am getting "page not found" or the site keeps clocking.

Please call the My Global Trade Data Help Desk at 1.800.889.8723 or email

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Quick Find


When I run a query I only get back one page of results and not much detail. Why?

You could be running the query in Quick Find Tracking. Please select the Track tab, or click on "view details" and enter your User ID and password.

Why can't I view more detail through Quick Find?

Quick Find is limited to non-proprietary, public domain information. A User ID and password is required in order to view more details.

There is no data range capability in Quick Find. If the search results in multiple returns, you will be prompted to drill down on your shipment so that only one result will display.

What information is populated in the Quick Find results FDA Release Date section?

The final FDA Release Date is shown in Quick Find. This means that if multiple tariff lines are subject to FDA, this date will not be shown until the last FDA line is released

Shipment & Entries


Are there any differences when viewing a Canada customs entry versus a U.S. customs entry in My Global Trade Data?


  1. The Events view is tailored to events specific to each country
  2. Canada entries show B3 line details, while US entries provide Commercial Invoice details
  3. There are no Broker and Customs Notes for Canada
  4. There is no Liquidation view for Canada

Is there a limit to how many entries can be marked for "Flag My Shipment" status?

No. Please keep in mind that entries "Flagged" are only visible to the user that flagged them.

Does the "Flag My Shipment" status turn off automatically after a period of time?

There is no limit to the length of time a shipment can be marked as "Flagged." It will remain "Flagged" until the user that made it so turns off the "Flagged" status. This can be done by de-selecting the shipment from the "My Shipment" listing or on any view within that shipment.

Can I get e-mail notification on shipment status?

Yes. My Global Trade Data can send you e-mail notifications about the status of shipments. Log in and go to My Account and E-Mail Notification. Then check the type of notification you would like to receive.



How do I know what fields are included in a report?

Pick the report and select "Quick Help." This will give you an explanation of the populated fields in that specific report.

Why can't I find a report that shows all my data?

Data within My Global Trade Data is displayed in multiple levels, with some header level details, as well as line level details. More reports are currently being developed with additional data elements and the ability to download data to your PC.

I can't find a specific report that shows the data I am looking for.

Call the My Global Trade Data Help Desk at 1.800.889.8723 or email for assistance.

Can we have special reports created for our company?

You should be able to get all the data you need from the existing My Global Trade Data reports. We have various reports, some of which can be downloaded to a spreadsheet. If you cannot find what you are looking for, call the My Global Trade Data Help Desk at 1.800.889.8723 or email for assistance.

What are Report Builder Reports?

Report Builder Reports give you the ability to specify a data set and schedule a report to run on an ongoing basis. Report Builder Reports can be scheduled to run once or on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.



Where are the Tariffs located?

Click on the Reference tab, click on the country for which you would like to view Tariffs, and click "View Documents For."

What countries do you offer?

Reference provides access to the U.S., Canada and Mexico tariffs.

How often is the Quota information updated?

The Textile Quota and Tariff Rate Quota information in My Global Trade Data is updated as often as U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP) sends out updates to Quota status. This usually occurs once a week, but sometimes more often. Select one of the Quota options and review the "Report Date" field to determine the latest update.



Do you have "Help" for Forms?

There are a number of "Help" options in My Global Trade Data Forms. There is a link to Frequently Asked Questions on the Main Forms screen that should answer most questions about how the application works. There are Forms Instructions sheets for each of the Forms, indicating what information should be shown. Additionally, there is field-specific "Help" within each Form: just select the button with the "?" and then hover over the field for assistance.

If I download a form, can I edit the form on my PC instead of by hand?

You can download blank forms from (Ship/Get Forms) and prepare them manually or you can sign up to use My Global Trade Data Forms. My Global Trade Data Forms allows you to create documents online, saving your repetitive information for future use. To learn more about My Global Trade Data Forms, contact the My Global Trade Data Help Desk at 1.800.889.8723 or email

What forms are available?

CBP Invoice, CBP Invoice with NAFTA, NAFTA Certificate of Origin, Inward Cargo Manifest, Bill of Lading, Pre-Arrival Notification, Canada Customs Invoice and Canada NAFTA Certificate of Origin.



If I use FedEx Trade Networks for brokerage but use another carrier for transportation can I still track my shipment with My Global Trade Data?

Yes. You can still use My Global Trade Data to track your brokerage transactions and get reports using your brokerage data.

Can I get cost reports and information online?

Yes. My Global Trade Data has over 50 standard reports, all of which can be customized by the user. My Global Trade Data's Enhanced Reporting gives the user the ability to select which fields they want displayed on a report, the order in which they appear, and how they are to be grouped and sorted. The report information can then be downloaded into a spreadsheet, or displayed in an HTML format.

How often is my shipment information updated?

My Global Trade Data transactions are updated as events occur - some are in real time. My Global Trade Data Reference is updated daily.

How will I know when my shipment clears customs?

Simply query your shipment in My Global Trade Data and look for the 'Release Received' date to be populated on the Events screen.