Insights for small business management and growth

Insights for small business management and growth

Entrepreneurs and experts share what they learned along the way.

Entrepreneurs and experts share what they learned along the way.

Where do you need insight?

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Peak season prepping

It’s the best challenge to have: Your company takes off. See how to get ready by staffing up and streamlining fulfillment.

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Packing and packaging

Get insights on choosing the right packaging, keeping perishables fresh, and packing fragile shipments.

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Making it work

For more than success stories, listen to the Making It Work podcast, where our Entrepreneur Advisory Board (EAB) and Small Business Grant winners share conventional wisdom and take you through the highs and lows of running a company.

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Marketing your small business

Make your budget stretch further. Get tips on effective digital marketing, professional printing, and leveraging social media.

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Managing your money

Explore business financials with expert Dawn Fotopulos and winners from the FedEx Small Business Grant Contest.

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Scaling up and tapping trends

Sales growth isn’t a prize. It’s a process. See how small business owners scaled up and adapted to business trends.


Who advises us on small business?

Our peer insights come from small business owners who’ve faced the same challenges you have. They’re FedEx Small Business Grant winners and/or a part of our Entrepreneur Advisory Board (EAB). Meet them and learn more about their products.

What's your business inspiration?

Paleo Treats: Growing a Small Business with FedEx

A passion for excellence

Nik Hawks and Lee Selman, founders of Paleo Treats, share their passion for life and how it translates to business.

Ginjan Bros, Grand Prize Winner of the 2016 FedEx Small Business Grant Contest

Modern American dreams

Mohammed and Ibrahima Diallo of Ginjan Bros. fulfill their dream by producing a traditional West African ginger juice.

ArtLifting’s Life-Changing Journey

The art of changing lives

ArtLifting helps artists experiencing disability and homelessness find an audience and sell their work.